Dusky Floral


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A gorgeous dusky pink floral fabric and dusky pink iridescent glitter tails. Available on clips or headbands and approx 3.5 inches.

Image of Monday Madness Surprise Bow Box
Sold out
Monday Madness Surprise Bow Box
Image of Pastel Leopards
Pastel Leopards
Image of Rainbows after the storm
Rainbows after the storm
Image of Velvet Hearts
Velvet Hearts
Image of Small Sets- Mono/Nude/Candy
Small Sets- Mono/Nude/Candy
Image of Dusky Floral Hearts
Dusky Floral Hearts
Image of Pink Daisy’s
Pink Daisy’s
Image of Red Daisy’s
Red Daisy’s
Image of Rouge Headbands
Rouge Headbands
Image of Love Snappys
Love Snappys
Image of Mono Hearts
Mono Hearts
Image of Hearts & Kisses
Hearts & Kisses
Image of Surprise pigtail bow boxes
Surprise pigtail bow boxes
Image of Leopard Print
Leopard Print
Image of Daisy clips
Daisy clips
Image of Floral Lace/Dusky Beau
On sale
Floral Lace/Dusky Beau
Image of Lace Glitter
On sale
Lace Glitter
Image of Autumn Suedes
On sale
Autumn Suedes
Image of XXL Bow
Image of Personalised Bow
Personalised Bow
Image of Surprise Bow Holder
Surprise Bow Holder
Image of Surprise box of Mini fringe clips
Surprise box of Mini fringe clips
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